Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Hour Cash Advance: some facts to consider

one hour cash advance
Fast loans are very popular now, and people use them to get quick cash when they are in the need for it. With fast cash advance you can get money within 24 hours, sometimes sooner. But still, there are situations when the need is so urgent that you can’t even wait this long. At this time we usually regret having not saved some money before, so that we could simply take them out of the wallet. And the only solution in such a situation is a one hour cash advance. Yes, you really can get same day cash advance fast, but there are some things you need to know, to make sure you do.

Select a lender for 1 hour cash advance

Not all the fast loan lenders are able to provide you with an one hour cash advance, so when selecting one, you need to make sure you are offered this type of service. To make sure you are approved, you have to be very careful when filling in an online application form for 1 hour cash advance. Check twice before submitting whether all the information you entered is correct and whether there are no empty fields left. With us you do not need to fax in any documents, what saves a lot of time, and your application is approved upon the information you provide. Basically, to be eligible, you need to be a US citizen, be over 18 years old, employed. You also need to have a checking account that allows direct deposit. This is very important, as this is the only way for you to get money immediately.

Check the schedule

There are also some factors you have to consider when applying for a one hour cash advance. How fast you will get the money depends a lot on the time when you submit your application and your bank’s schedule. Your application can be reviewed since 8:00 AM to about 5:00 PM, but it is better if you submit your application before 2:00 PM, as even if you are approved right away, it still takes some time for the money to make it to your account, and it also takes you some time to make it to your bank. You should also check if this is not a holiday or weekend, as you can get advance cash only on a business day. So, as you apply, just make sure your bank will be open for you when you come to get your money. Other than that, one hour cash advance is a reality.

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